What is ECP?

ECP is a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy, easy, painless,no needles FDA-cleared therapy that can increase blood flow through out the body and heart, and reduce symptoms of chronic stable angina (chest pain due to heart).

How is ECP performed?

During ECP Therapy, a technician wraps inflatable cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) around your calves, thighs and hips. The cuffs are timed to inflate (contract or pump) and deflate (relax or release pump) between heartbeats. So when heart is contracting (systole), the cuffs are relaxed. When heart is relaxed (diastole), the cuffs contract causing more blood to return to heart and whole body.

What are benefits of ECP?

ECP allows new blood vessels (collateral circulation) to develop in the heart. It is like have 2 pumps in your body, increasing blood flow in both systole and diastole. ECP delivers more oxygenated blood to every organ, the extremities, and reduces angina and related symptoms.

What are benefits in Angina?

ECP helps oxygenated blood travel freely between the heart and the rest of your body. ECP may help angina, heart failure and other conditions. Typical benefits include:

  • Decrease in angina chest pain and shortness of breath
  • Increase activity, walking, exercise without symptoms
  • Reduced use of angina medicines
  • Overall feeling of wellbeing and improved quality of life

How long is each ECP treatments and what is length of therapy?

ECP treatments last 1 hour, and the recommended course is of 35 treatments over 7 weeks.It is recommended to do follow-up treatments 1-2 per month after initial course is over.

What does ECP feel like?

ECP is soothing and relaxing for patients, much like a leg massage.

Any precautions for ECP?

Empty bladder before treatment. Wear comfortable pants or sweat pants.

What are benefits in exercise?

ECP may help athletes and active people improve their exercise performance, increase blood flow & increase VO2 max.

What does FDA indication & approval states?

“The Renew NCP-5 External Counterpulsation System is intended for the treatment of chronic stable angina that is refractory to optimal anti-anginal medical therapy and without options for revascularization. In addition, it is intended for use in healthy patients to provide improvement in vasodilation, increased VO2 and increased blood flow. It is intended for use under the oversight of a healthcare professional.”