Mesotherapy / Lipodissolve is the most effective non-surgical way to dissolve unwanted fat and cellulite in specific areas of the body.

  • Get rid of love handles, bra bulge, jowls, eye fat pads and cellulite.
  • Lose inches off the face, neck, arms, chest, belly, waist, or hips forever.
  • Facial rejuvenation with Meso-Glow and Meso-Lift.
  • Treat acute or chronic pain, sprains, arthritis, migraine, and alopecia.

What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a technique first invented by a French physician Dr. Michel Pistor for pain management and has been in use in Europe since 1952. In Mesotherapy a small amount of medication is injected superficially into the mesoderm (the layer of fat and connective tissue just under the skin) using a very thin needle. It is now used primarily for selective body sculpturing and fat reduction.

What is Lipodissolve?
This is similar to Mesotherapy except different medications are injected slightly deeper to dissolve stored body fat. Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve are used interchangeably.

What is Meso-Glow or Meso-Lift?
This is a form of Mesotherapy where small amount of different medicines is injected over the whole face resulting in facial rejuvenation, reversing age damage and leaving the face “glowing.”

How is Mesotherapy performed?
In Mesotherapy, a very tiny needle (about the size of an eyelash) is used with a technique of “multi-pricking”, where a number of swift painless injections are given by hand. In

Lipodissolve the injections are given point by point slighter deeper. We also use a mechanical delivery system (Meso-Gun) that delivers the medicine quickly with minimal discomfort.

What is Mesotherapy used for?
Mesotherapy / Lipodissolve have a number of aesthetic and medical applications that include spot body contouring, face and neck rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, acute and chronic pain, hair loss, and stress management. Mesotherapy can also be used to correct lumps, unevenness, or divots that develop after liposuction.

How does Mesotherapy work?
The medications used melts and destroy the fat cells beneath the skin. The dissolved fat is absorbed into the bloodstream and is removed through the kidneys and the bowel.

What is Cellulite & can Mesotherapy help?
Cellulite (cottage-cheese appearance) is caused by connective tissue bands that old down the skin, trapping the fat and thereby causing the “dimpling” or lumpy effect. The medications used to treat cellulite destroy the connective tissue bands and melt the trapped fat, resulting in a smooth, dimple-free appearance.

How can I lose fat from certain areas?
Exercise and diet can help with overall weight loss but there is no way to selectively lose fat from any particular areas of the body. The fat deposits in the cheeks, jowls, neck, “love handles”, hips, buttocks, arms, and cellulite are the most difficult to lose. Mesotherapy can actually melt away unwanted localized fat from any part of the body.

What are Medicines used in Mesotherapy?
The mixture of FDA approved medicines (vitamins, herbs, amino acids, enzymes and medications) depends on condition and area being treated. The medicines and plant extracts are obtained from large pharmaceutical companies in the USA. In Mesotherapy, some of these medicines are used for off-label purposes.

Are the results permanent?
Yes. Results are permanent as long as person adheres to a good regime of healthy diet and regular exercise. Cellulite may require maintenance treatments 1-2 times a year.

Can Mesotherapy be used to treat other conditions?
Yes. Mesotherapy can also be used for stress and pain management and to treat alopecia, or hair loss, in both men and women. It can also be used to rejuvenate the face and neck.

How does Mesotherapy compare to Liposuction?
Liposuction is surgery and some patients develop unevenness, divots, or lumps after Liposuction. Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure with no surgical risks. No sedatives or incisions are required and there is no downtime. Cellulite, spot treatment or lumpy areas or divots can be successfully treated with Mesotherapy. The results are not immediate as with Liposuction. The inches start to come off in 1-2 weeks.

Are the treatments painful!
Most patients compare the shots to multiple pinches or bee stings. Some patients prefer to use a local anesthetic cream 30-45 minutes prior to their treatment. There is some discomfort post treatment lasting for ~ 20 minutes.

Are you bothered by pockets of unwanted fat or cellulite?

Post Treatment Care:
Ice packs and compression is advised especially if any bruising or swelling. Gentle massage is ok.  Tylenol is permitted to take. Avoid aspirin or non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. If there is a hematoma or inflammatory nodule heat, massage, Far Infrared and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy will help in clearing up faster.

Caution or Contraindications:
Use of blood thinners may cause greater bruising. Avoid aspirin, coumadin, all arthritis medicines, and most herbal supplements prior to the treatments. Allergic or drug reactions can occur but are uncommon as the quantity of medicines used is small.

Who should not have Mesotherapy?
Pregnancy, bleeding disorders, any unstable serious medical condition, or history of blood clots.

How many treatments do I need and how often?
That depends on the area being treated. Most patients will need at least 5-10 treatments around 1-2 weeks apart for each area being treated. Lipodissolve is only done every 2 weeks in the same area.

What results can I expect?
Results vary and no guarantee is made on individual results. Mild weight loss may occur, but Mesotherapy is primarily a “lose inches” treatment. There is swelling and inflammation after the treatment which lasts for 2-5 days. The inches start to come off in 1-2 weeks. After 3-5 treatments, there is significant decrease in size, improved skin tone, and smoothening of cellulite. Patients report losing half to one inch with each treatment and 4 to 10 inches or up to two dress sizes after few treatments depending on area.

What are the side effects?
Mesotherapy works by producing inflammation. So some induration (firmness), swelling and discomfort is expected and will disappear gradually over few days. Mild localized bruising and itching may occur and use of K-Derm cream may help. Occasionally, there is moderate inflammation, swelling and discomfort after Lipodissolve treatments which may last several days. Occasionally, a hematoma (blood clot) or lump (inflammatory nodule) may occur and persist for several weeks or months, but will eventually resolve.