It was around two years ago that I started feeling discomfort in the area of my heart and went in for coronary artery screening. You could see from the x-ray that calcium was building up in the arteries. My doctor at the time wanted me to see a cardiologist for further treatment, but I had objections to drinking dye and didn’t want a stent. I read everything I could about arteriosclerosis and made some dietary changes, but it just wasn’t enough. My condition worsened and I had to carry a Nitroquick with me at all times. Finally chest pressure and numbing down my left arm sent me to a Chelation clinic in Los Angeles. I started feeling better after my first three treatments and do continue to improve. The Nitro is now back in the medicine cabinet and I am very thankful Dr. Deol provides this service for those of us living in the Bakersfield area. Chelation has proven itself to be very effective not only for the treatment of arteriosclerosis but for a host of other degenerative illnesses as well.