I would encourage others to experience for themselves the many health benefits of eliminating sugar from their diet. I am encouraged that the chelation process is providing for me a detox I have needed for many years, and the dietary supplements are contributing as well to building and strengthening my overall health. I am very grateful to Dr. Deol.
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It was around two years ago that I started feeling discomfort in the area of my heart and went in for coronary artery screening. You could see from the x-ray that calcium was building up in the arteries. My doctor at the time wanted me to see a cardiologist for further treatment, but I had objections to drinking dye and...
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Thank you Dr. Deol. You have been my Doctor for more then ten years, and I so appreciate all your wonderful care in treating everything from Arthritis, Fat, Fibromyalgia, Sinusitis and all my day to day problems. You are so caring and understanding, the best Family Doctor I ever had. I have great respect for your knowledge of medical treatment.
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When I came to your office in January 2008, I was desperately looking for a doctor that would listen to me regarding my ailments. Thank you for being so caring and listening to me. You delved deeper than any doctor had and found the cause and treated the cause, not the symptoms.
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The chelation treatments turned my health around. Within hours of receiving the first treatment, I noticed that I had no further pain in my hands from the arthritis. Now one year after undergoing a regimen of chelation therapy, I not only feel better, but my health has improved by lowering my cholesterol, no arthritis pain and my energy level back...
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I was referred to Dr. Shivinder Deol eight months ago to treat my diabetes. When I started with Dr. Deol I weighed 253lbs, my A1C was 11.6, my blood pressure was around 140/190 and I was using 170 units of insulin each night. Under Dr. Deol’s direction I started a low carb diet with vitamins. As of last week I...
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Dr. Deol has helped me so much in this last year. I have been struggling so much with fatigue and anxiety. After I got my supplements from him, I felt like a different person. Thanks Dr. Deol & Dr. Salcido!
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Dr. Deol has been my trusted physician for nearly thirteen years. During these thirteen years he has cared for not only my medical needs, but my emotional needs as well. He is always willing to take the extra time to make sure I fully understand all that I need to do to keep myself well.
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I truly appreciate the “whole” person philosophy Dr. Deol uses as he meets my own unique medical needs. Not only will he prescribe medication or medical tests when needed, he utilizes a natural approach through diet and supplements to keep me healthy and aging well.
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When I started taking GI Cell Support, my acid reflux stopped in just a few days. For many years I took Aciphex and it didn’t do anything for me. I was so pleased. Thank you Dr. Deol, I really appreciate it.
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