Vitamin B12 – Cobalamin

Vitamin B12 – Cobalamin

Is your multi vitamin or B Complex still using the cheap toxic Cyano-Cobalamin? Cyano stands for Cyanide! Yes, the same lethal stuff showed in movies that can kill a person within 6-7 heartbeats! B12 is essential for making DNA, red cells and nerves.

Even though it is commonly assumed that B12 can last in body for years, but clinical symptoms of deficiency can occur if inadequate amounts of B12 are consumed even for few weeks.

Our body needs Methyl Cobalamin (or Hydroxy), few cents more than toxic cyanocobalamin! Methylation is crucial pathways in our body for multiple functions. Methyl B12 may be helpful in Autism, ADHD & many health conditions.

B12 digestion requires stomach acid & Intrinsic Factor, even though actual absorption occurs in small bowel. Taking Acid Blockers reduce B12 digestion, as well as bacteria overgrowth in small bowel. If you need help with B12 or other nutrients, contact us at AAWC.

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